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5 helpful productive things you should start doing right now

Helping yourself and others is something that gives you motivation to stay in the line and keep working on yourself.

Hey people! Hope you’re doing well.

I am here to talk you about few productive and practical stuff that may help you to grow your personality and help others as well.

May be you’re already doing them and that’s a good sign that you’re growing to become a better personality.

In brief these are five things you must do and it doesn’t ask you to belong to any specific field either. Weather you’re a student or a person doing any job, these things are easy to carry out and has been proved most effective in help you to feel productive and help others.

Let’s learn about them!

1. Get yourself a simple blog and write on it regularly

Getting a personal blog isn’t a bad idea

You might say : Ah..okay! , What!, A blog!

Before you start arguing me, learn about these following things first.

The blog which I’m talking about doesn’t need to be a fancy one, you should not worry about how modern or catchy it should look, how you will make it rank on google, how you will monetize it!

Stop worrying about that, We are not going after money this time. You’re writing on it for yourself and to help other people.

Try to make it dead simple. Just some good text and image or videos.

Let me give you an example of a dead simple blog, Go to Flavio Cope’s blog.

Take a good look at it, How minimal and distraction free it is. That’s what you need for yourself. Just write, it’s just about writing text, don’t be so fancy about it.

Now let’s move to the second part of your argument.

Isn’t it technical ? You said that it will be easy!

Listen to me!

These days, getting a blog for yourself isn’t something like before where you need to learn how to code for months and then getting a domain, hosting and blah blah blah.

You can get yourself a FREE blog and start writing on it in less than 10 minutes.

These platforms help you tocre a FREE blog within minutes

There are tons of services that provide you a platform to write and create a blog for yourself.

Take medium itself for example. It is a great way to express yourself and write on it, you can gather a good amount of audience as well.

Let’s talk about those few services that may help you to start a blog within few minutes.

  • Blogger (Simple blog with few themes, Limited features)
  • WordPress (Gives you almost full customization)
  • Medium (Easy and minimal)
  • Notelet (Super easy and best if you know how to use notion)

So don’t panic about how you will make it, just care about what you will write on it.

You could write anything on it. Share your learnings, your experiences, teach your skills, and almost anything you prefer to write. There is no end to thinking.

Now you should be satisfied that it is not hard to start a blog for yourself.

If you need any kind of help in setting up your blog, You can ask for my help. I will be happy to help you in making one.

2. Start a newsletter or mailing list

Collect people’s mail address and send them good content

You can call it anything like mailing list, newsletter.

If you don’t know what does a newsletter or mailing list is, then let me tell you in an easy way. 

A newsletter is a regular (weekly or daily) email (rich in helpful content), you send to a bunch of people who willingly give you their email addresses.

These bunch of people are the people who like your helpful content, so they will subscribe your newsletter by giving you their email.

How does this help to you? Let’s see!

If you are collecting email addresses of a bunch of people, you are connecting to the people who are interested in your learnings.

It could be beneficial for you and those people as well.

Let’s say you launch a small e-book on amazon that you have written with your learnings and if you ask those people to take a look at it. There are more chances that they will buy it because they already know about the value you provide.

You connect to a community of like minded people that may enhance your personality.

Listen to what Austin Kleon has to say about starting a mailing list.

A page from Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work

So let’s talk about how to start one.

How to start a FREE newsletter

Like I told you it’s been far easy now to do anything technical for non-tech persons.

Here are few FREE and easy to use platforms to start a newsletter within minutes.

  • Substack (Easy to use and maintain)
  • Revue (from Twitter)
  • MailerLite (Minimal and easy to use)
  • Mailchimp (a bit complex to get started but offer amazing features)
  • ConvertKit (Can be used to sell digital product as well)

If you need some kind of help in getting started, feel free to contact me.

I use Mailchimp for my newsletter. If you wanna see what I share in my newsletter, Here is my newsletter.

3. Make a digital product and try to sell it.

Create a digital product and try to sell it

Don’t care if they will buy it or not, just create one! You will get an amazing experiences.

Now let’s wonder what you can build.

If you have something that is writeable, readable, then make an e-book.

Remember to put a lot value in it. Put something people would admire and they find it worth buying.

If you’re good into design or art, make a set of Illustrations and sell it.

I made a set of my illustrations and kept it to sell on Gumroad

You must have something valuable information or skills to share with people, if you don’t have it, share your experiences in a book or audiobook.

Sell your study notes, scan them make a good looking PDF and put them on amazon. You can sell anything you like but people will only buy if your product is worth it.

So make it worth buying, put some good amount effort to add value in it and let people know what they will get if they buy it.

Set reasonable prices. An e-book of 100 pages and you’re selling it for 1000 INR, doesn’t make any sense. You may have put a lot of effort and value into it but it will be just a showpiece if people deny to buy it by looking at price tag.

Now let’s look at how you can write an e-book and put it out to sell.

Create an e-book and put it out for sell

To write an e-book you can Google Docs, Notion or even Microsoft Powerpoint.

Begin writing text and focus on adding value at first, later we can focus on it’s design and other things.

Once your e-book is ready, export it into PDF.

Now let’s put it to sell. You can use following platforms to sell your e-book.

A good blog post where you can learn more about such platform.

Let me know once you publish an e-book.

4. Read books that help you to do something

Read books, make notes out of it and share them

Reading books is something that you won’t regret ever. So make be habitual of reading books.

But only reading won’t do much magic, apply what you read and you will feel a good kind of energy to work more on yourself.

This book triology by Austin Kleon is really worth reading!

I love reading physics books by Carlo Rovelli because they makes me wonder about amazing things.

It is essential that you read books if you’re writing one because it will help you to get immense amount of knowledge and communication power.

I have a notion page where I document my book reads, suggestions and incomplete reads.

If you have any book suggestions, I’m open to accept all of them.

Carry a book with you and start reading wherever you feel like reading.

Keep taking notes out of it, highlight things you relate with, write summary when you complete it and pull whatever you learned from the book and share it on your blog, newsletter and social media.

That’s how you help yourself and others.

5. Share your work and help people

Share how you work and let people know they also can do so

You’re doing great in something, learning various things, enjoying your work and gaining experience but few people might need your help outside.

So don’t limit your knowledge or skills to only yourself, put it out and teach it to others.

You can do this anyhow you like. 

You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Use your blog or newsletter. Create tiny e-books filled with tips, tutorials, knowledge, skills, learnings and share it with people.

Once you start sharing and notice people getting help with your efforts, it becomes a tool of providing motivation and satisfaction to you and leads you to a better version of yourself.

So don’t be afraid to share whatever you learn and You already know how to do it.

I share things I do in my weekly newsletter, blog and social accounts. It usually deals with Programming, UI design, Doodle arts, Books, Animes and few good Internet tips and tools to make a tech savvy person.

Subscribe my newsletter

Thank you for reading this far, hope this will help you.

Have a good day! 

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