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Ankit Upadhyay

Medical student, Visual Designer, Illustrator & Programmer.

Hello, This is Ankit Upadhyay. I am a medical student from India obsessed with design, technology, art and productivity. Hence, I try to enhance my skills by exploring these interests. I write articles about design, technology, creativity and productive process. I work as a freelancer on Fiverr offering design and Illustration services. I love to practice my skills and explore my interest. Join me to find your own way of doing things.

Thought process.

Let’s try to focus on the daily life of a person that goes to college, has fun with friends, watches TV, reads textbooks, does assignments, eats food and goes to sleep. That’s what an average person of our age does.

The only thing matters is that how you make yourself stand apart from the average crowd. What ‘extra thing’ do you have that the average person doesn’t?

This is the thing I want you to work for. What else you can do to make yourself different & unique from others?

Maybe I could help you explore your ‘stuff’ as I try to learn everything that I am interested in, till a level of ‘sucking less’.

If you’ve got ideas, put them out and work on them.