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Ankit Upadhyay | theankitnet
That same pic I paste everywhere!

My name is Ankit Upadhyay

I am a 21 year old medical student creatively involved programming, design, doodling, origami, books, blogging and exploring interesting places of the Internet.

If you are here you will read about my life, my experiences, my learnings and the most of the time, you will learn about how to enjoy doing the work that you love and what I do for being creative, productive and skillful.

Why I’m doing this?

Let’s try to focus on the daily life of a person that go to college, have fun with friends, watch TV, read textbooks, do assignments, eat food and go to sleep. That’s what an average person of our age do.

The only thing matters is that how you make yourself different and unique. What you have ‘the extra thing’ that the average person don’t.

This is the thing I want you to seek. What else you can do make yourself stand apart from others.

Find it! Explore about it! Make it your own!

May be I could help you exploring that stuff because I try to learn everything I am interested in till a level of ‘sucking less’.

You’ve got ideas so better pit them out and work on them without caring about future results!