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Change as a Catalyst for Growth: Exploring Life’s Pathways

Summers are here at the door. I can hear the fan moving at its full speed in the afternoon.

Along with the summer, that afternoon summertime emptiness has begun in the environment.

I am sitting in a dark room with a blanket and a laptop at 3 AM.

If I look back now, not much has changed. But I can percept some shapes and directions within my life. They are not crystal clear yet, but I can connect dots and choose what should I do to become a certain someone.

Some things are still uncertain, and I am making efforts to encircle them.

Time has never been so fast, and it just doesn’t feel alright somewhere but if it has been waited up for me, I wouldn’t have liked that too. So, it’s never about the time at all.

There are some changes occurring inside us periodically.

These changes help us to understand the way of life and living it to the fullest.

What I found most interesting and important is that you should be the one to decide the changes and bring them inside you.

Pick selective changes and apply themselves over you.

It’s like a you have been given a whole set of plugins or add-ons for your software, and you are choosing them to customize to your workflow according to you.

I have been trying and exploring a number of things lately. I can’t go on with a single thing. Because I feel that we shouldn’t rush at all. We should let the life flow gradually and should walk with our own pace.

Give adequate time to develop your consciousness towards yourself or Give time to explore changes.

If you start exploring a wide variety of things or changes, there is this one concern — “I might fall behind.”

Yes, you may or let’s say you will.

But in long term, you will be far ahead of others.

At least you will be the person who have experienced the most of what’s available there. This is also an achievement in its own, right?

Benefits of falling behind?

You would like to watch this —

With each change you apply over yourself, you will level up and you will widen your niche.

Changes enforced or influenced by external factors could be both beneficial and detrimental. It depends upon the external factors and their personality.

Again, you should choose what external factor should affect your niche.

Experiment and explore. Use the results in each field of your choice. Make crisscross use of your knowledge and experiences.

Keep evolving and appreciate good changes.

Thanks for reading.

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