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Newsletter Issue : Why I started this blog website

Why i started this blog website

This blog post is archive of my newsletter series.

Newsletter Release Date : Sun, 20 Jun 2021

Hey y’all. Hope you’re doing well.

Here I am with a bunch of interesting links related to Programming, UI/UX design, doodles, books, arts, creative and productive stuff.
So let’s start.

My blog is live now and you’ll definitely learn something better with it.

Blog ?

I was working on my blog for around 20 days & finally it’s out there.
Do you want to know why I started it ?
There are three stories that made me to start it.

Story one

I was reading a book named Secrets of successful creators by Josh Spector which is a wonderful collection of well-written articles on the following topics :
One article grabbed my attention..and it was

Why You Should Start A Blog Right Now…

I read it and felt an urge to start a blog.

Motivation wasn’t the making money through it. It was far better than this.

You must read to this blog article.

Story two

I usually mention these three books when somebody asks me for
recommendations for creative stuff.

  1. Steel like an artist
  2. Keep going
  3. Show your work

All are written by Austin Kleon and he is amazing.
I was reading share your work and came across to this passage

More than 10 years ago, I staked my own little Internet claim and bought the domain name I was a complete amateur with no skills when I began building my website: It started off bare bones and ugly. Eventually, I figured out how to install a blog, and that changed everything. A blog is the ideal machine for turning flow into stock: One little blog post is nothing on its own, but publish a thousand blog posts over a decade, and it turns into your life’s work. My blog has been my sketchbook, my studio, my gallery, my storefront, and my salon. Absolutely everything good that has happened in my career can be traced back to my blog. My books, my art shows, my speaking gigs, some of my best friendships—they all exist because I have my own little piece of turf on the Internet.

– From the book Show your work by Austin Kleon

Story three

I follow Austin Kleon on twitter and I noticed a tweet from him regarding this YouTube video.

How writing made me a millionaire : Ali Abdaal (I didn’t inspire by the millionaire word)

I felt that I need to start ASAP.

I still procrastinated for a long time but after the 2nd wave of COVID , we all were quarantined to our houses.

I thought to get started and hence I bought the domain name for my website

I asked my friend to provide me a hosting server for the blog. My friend is a great programming geek and freelancer. He’s kind though 🙂

I invested few days to set it up and started following a scheduled plan of posting content on it.

I acquired this plan from the book secrets of successful creators
Here I am on the 10th day of this plan to send a newsletter related to the things I’ve learned this week.

Read my first blog post

I wrote one blog post about How to learn UI / UX design from scratch.

Even if you don’t know what does UI/UX design means because I have
explained it to a five year old kid in the post.

Interesting links to visit ? ?

Here are few interesting links for you and to explore ?

1. I have found a super-amazing website that tests UX (user experiences) of any app or servive like TikTok or Tinder as a case study.

2️. I really admire this person ? and you would like to visit his website when you feel bored.

arvind gupta
Arvind Gupta

His website has millions of FREE ebooks of science and creativity in Hindi amd English.
Moreover there is tons of DIY craft toys you can make by yourself.

3. If you are a designer or learning design, you will definitely like this resource. I call it treasure for designers.

4. If you love to read books, here is a tool for you. Visit this website and search any book you want to download as PDF, Epub or any format. You will find it here.

5. There is a course for you directly from Harvard University to learn Programming or computer science.
Harvard CS50 course is the first step you should take if you want to learn Programming and computer science.

Tip : Open an account on pocket and learn how to start saving these links in it.

Books I’m reading currently

I have been reading Animal Farm by George Orwell for this week but too much engaged in work that I hardly able to read 10 pages a day.

Animes I’m watching currently

  1. 91 days
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen
  3. My hero academia

End of the lecture eh!

I want you to keep your creativity and productivity up and make sure you do something ?

Stay safe and stay at home ?

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