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This is what I’m doing now

Hey there!

This is a ‘now’ page of my website and here I share the things I’m doing these days.

I got inspired for this by Derek Sivers.

I will update it as I see any change in my active lifestyle.

Last update: 08th October 2022 | Sat


I’m currently enrolled on a 5-year medical graduation programme.

Exams are on their way. So I am supposed to get prepared for them.


I got my new laptop but hardly using it due to exams



UI/UX Design

Making app design for a quote app.


Unable to read anything but academic books and notes


I am getting interested in writing on Medium and today I Customised my blog to look like Medium.

I think I will be focusing more on writing in the upcoming days

Doodles and art

Creating lots of doodles for blog posts, see here


Not fine but working on EMI.


Getting to know that I should plan my schedule and have to stick to that firmly.

If I continue without any schedule, I will be just wasting my time.