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Stasis. I sense stagnation in my work experiments. I stopped producing newsletters long ago. I attempted to restart it, but I didn’t have much of an audience for it.

Since becoming involved in a medical internship after my graduation, I’ve somewhat lost my passion for freelance doodling. As you know, when you try to monetize your hobby, it feels good initially, but later it becomes burdensome because you lose the freedom to enjoy it. I still engage in it occasionally when I find the project interesting.

Due to time-bound work hours, I couldn’t regularly collaborate on coding projects with my friend, and it’s disappointing.

Now, I’m unable to decide what to focus on coding-wise. I will seek some projects that can be completed within a week. It could be a design project that will facilitate web development tasks.

Anyway, I started experimenting with 3D using Blender. I practiced a bit, but it wasn’t much and I plan to do it later in free time.

I share my drawings and work on Instagram, but it disappoints me as a social media platform. I don’t create reels, and Instagram is currently focused on reels. Most artists might feel the same way because reels have become an integral part of the Instagram algorithm, diminishing the reach of accounts that don’t use reels.

I might start creating reels later.

Should I start something new? Perhaps a newsletter, YouTube channel, or another skill?

I still need to transfer my website to another host since the current host is one of my friend’s servers, and he is upgrading his servers for better efficiency.

I lack peers who share my interests; I only have the friend I mentioned.

Social media communities aren’t satisfactory. I don’t particularly like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There are people focused on instant gratification and money, caring less about the essence of the work.

Money is essential, of course, but what I seek is the passion for the work, whether it’s coding, drawing, writing a book, or another skill that involves collaboration, such as filmmaking.

On another note, I have a list of tasks to do when you feel you don’t have much else to do in your current phase of life.

I plan to compile a book and illustrate it myself. It could be a good project. Let’s do this then.

See you soon.