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Here you will see new projects Ideas and previous fun and serious projects listed based on the respective category.

Project Ideas :

  1. A tool that let you write your daily todos on a customizable wallpaper and let you download it to use it on any of your device.
  2. A better way to represent boring web pages likle Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions.

Projects that I have done.

Web Developement Projects

  1. localhost UI : A minimal, sementic, customizable lightweight CSS boilerplate to make instant layout for your projects while you are building backend on localhost.
  2. yourproject : An HTML & CSS boilerplate webpage to showcase your github dev projects easily and beautifully.
  3. typefluid : A mini CSS file that will do the magic of fluid typography for your website.
  4. btn-market : btn-market is list of CSS buttons that you can use in your frontend projects and it’s Open-source and FREE to use. choose your favourite button from lots of CSS BUttons and download a CSS file including selected ones.
  5. pre-formatter : Convert < and > to &lt; and &gt; in your code.
  6. letsdoit : A full page To-Do List. Fun project. Visit web site and refresh it again to see different backgrond color.

UI/UX design Projects

  1. Tabmate : Keep track of your daily medical schedule and routine check-ups.