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Minimalism is good but it’s emotionless!

You have seen old buildings, classic book covers and even pages, old websites, album covers, film posters, electronic device designs, clothing.

Everything seemed better those days, didn’t it? It feels like why don’t they make such anymore.

Minimalism started taking over things from the late 60s and began to replace the charm & individuality that objects had.

It was good, it changed the way we live. It gave us so much comfort, ease, easy usage & navigation but it cost us something very humane: feelings or identity or uniqueness.

Can you identify the city based on it’s modern building architecture?

city buildings

Try to name the city based on their architecture.

Every city, every building looks the same. There is no uniqueness left to differentiate.

You get to know different cities by comparing their old palace architectures and buildings.

Same in the internet, with the use of templates, almost every website looks the same. There is no fun or interaction left to do with websites anymore.

I saw a tweet showing this thing brilliantly.

Minimalism is good but it is making us feel like we are living in a cubical or hospital.

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