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This page is a collection of some cool stuff available on the Internet like Blogs, Articles, Tools, Newsletters, Arts and whatever seems fun and informative.


  1. Technically a blog
  2. Artemis Everfree
  3. The Codist
  4. Art As Artist
  5. Flavio copes
  6. Elisa Mirkil
  7. Christopher Butler
  8. Derek Sivers
  9. Dimitri Glazkov
  10. Tania Rascia
  11. Josh W Comeau
  12. Herman’s blog
  14. Jeff Sandberg


  1. Why We Don’t Ship Software as Fast as We Used To – Read here
  2. I Am Happy Not To Be A Web Developer Anymore – Read here
  3. Software disenchantment – Read here
  4. Write more useless software – Read here
  5. Blogging for the hell of it – Read here
  6. Confessions of a Middle-Class Founder – Read here
  7. The product manager role is a mistake – Read here


  1. Internet Artifacts
  2. A web developer making tiny cool things to play with
  3. Websites and apps loosing common sense.
  4. This is a motherfucking website. : Just visit it!
  5. This is still a motherfucking website
  6. The best motherfucking website
  7. : Some pretty cool hardware stuff.

NPM Packages

  1. nextjs-toploader : npm