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I doodle sometimes

Here I post my doodles and about the idea hidden in them. I use Snapchat and Tayasui Sketches to make doodles.

I get inspiration about this page from Austin Kleon

I doodle sometimes

Imagining Playing Guitar

imagining playing guitar

I still don’t know how to play it but anyways i can imagine it playing.

Reading room

reading in a chair

Lock me in a wooden room with books, paints , a laptop and few old lampshades for the eternity.

Batman (may be ben affleck)

ben affleck batman

Inspiration bulb

An doodle of bulb representing inspiration and ideas

I created this doodle to fit in my post about design inspiration

UI designer! mean?

A doodle showing that how people misunderstand the designer term

I made this doodle when I thought people don’t really talk about UI/UX

Anatomy of my ‘Study desk’

Things at my study table

The big man

Human and COVID pendemic, that’s how it goes.

Bin’s Family food crisis

Nobody pays attention to the food crisis bin’s family is dealing with.


Other random doodles I tried