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I doodle sometimes

Here I post my doodles and about the idea hidden in them. I use Snapchat and Tayasui Sketches to make doodles.

I get inspiration about this page from Austin Kleon

robot doodles

Marketing Automation

misconceptions about marketing automation
Misconceptions about marketing automation

Target Audience

Target audience
Finding target audience

Get leads

Get leads
Using marketing automation to get leads

Email privacy

Email Marketing Privacy concerns

Email marketing

email marketing
Email Marketing

Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty
Customer Loyalty and sales growth

Hat man

Man with a long hat
I drew it randomly with a pencil tool

Full of life

Girl walking
She is spiritually full of life


mirror drawing
This mirror belongs to a box

Sit down & relax

blue chair sketch
Blue chair for you to relax

You are running way too fast in your life following the crowd, just hold yourself for a while and get relaxed. Have a blue chair.

Few things remain incomplete

few things remain incomplete
incomplete caption

Few things in our life remain incomplete an we abandon them as it is, is it okay ?

Be unique and pray like this!

yellow praying mantis sketch
Yellow praying mantis

Being unique

You’ll make mistakes and that’s fine.

pencil sketch
Make mistakes

It’s completely fine to make mistakes in life, you will make thousands.

I made a doodle of my professor

doodle of a man with glasses
Doodle of my pathology professor

And I sent it to him, he left it on seen (That’s what scares me till now)

My multiverse form

doodle of a boy
I don’t have piercings and this t-shirt

That’s not me but me from another universe

A box from amazon

Scan the bar code and you’ll get nothing

Yeah I like how they pack items, within a khaki cardboard box and deliver to us to unpack it.

It’s the violin, I want to play

it’s not wooden

I sometimes imagine myself with all curly messy hairs and playing violin in my room with closed eyes and that’s it..

Side effects of being able to do creative stuff.

Based on observations

There are side effects of being creative as well :


This is why network die

Network gossips

Because they fantasize their death at times


From Originalos

Search originalos on YouTube.

Chrome browser

Chrome browser

Have you ever tried that ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button ?

Imagining Playing Guitar

imagining playing guitar

I still don’t know how to play it but anyways i can imagine it playing.

Reading room

reading in a chair

Lock me in a wooden room with books, paints , a laptop and few old lampshades for the eternity.

Batman (may be ben affleck)

Ben Affleck batman

Inspiration bulb

An doodle of bulb representing inspiration and ideas

I created this doodle to fit in my post about design inspiration

UI designer! mean?

A doodle showing that how people misunderstand the designer term

I made this doodle when I thought people don’t really talk about UI/UX

Anatomy of my ‘Study desk’

Things at my study table

The big man

Human and COVID pendemic, that’s how it goes.

Bin’s Family food crisis

Nobody pays attention to the food crisis bin’s family is dealing with.

I doodle sometimes

I doodle sometimes
Could be most of the times soon

Other random doodles I tried