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Peace is boring. Simplicity is boring. Satisfaction is boring.

Working on a machine that doesn’t have a fancy design or does not do something aesthetic is boring.

Sticking to a plan or living in discipline is boring.

Using your half a decade old smartphone which is working fine, is boring.

Writing daily about something is boring.

Reading a book while not posting its aesthetics on Instagram is boring.

Living your weekend without being high on chemicals is boring.

Doing countless and continuous experiments to invent or prove something is boring.

All extraordinary works are boring. If you’re good at something, it could be because you have spent days in it without being emotional about it and kept doing it whether you find it pleasing or not.

The path you take daily is boring.

The trees, birds and people are boring. Most of the times the weather seems boring.

Getting up every day to do the same thing is boring.

What excites you?

Excitement is a temporary fuel to heat up your emotions. Motivation is temporary, Boredom is essential.

You have to be extra ordinary boring to do extra ordinary things. Being boring in your work and you’re still doing it, makes you more closer to being extraordinary.

People who are boring must have been working onto some extraordinary stuff. They might be building next big thing. They might be painting the next masterpiece. They might be writing the next world class fiction.

In the book Daily Rituals, the author Masson Currey tells that the poet W.B. Yeats always made sure to write for at least two hours every day, whether he felt inclined to it or not.

So choose boredom when it comes to do revolutionary things.

Boredom provokes thoughts, these thoughts could be destructive or creative. If one choose to be creative and does the work with accepting boredom and feels satisfied with the process, it expresses the higher level of maturity,