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Wireless is cool but wired devices are sometimes better.

They are ditching the headphone jacks from the upcoming smartphones. Isn’t that illegal?

Promoting Bluetooth or wireless products in the name of better technology.

It’s a failure.

Wireless products come with a time limit to use. I need to charge my phone, I will. Now you’re asking me to charge my earphones to listen to the music. Wireless earbuds come with an advantage on dealing with the wire handling and some gestures to control.

But doesn’t that become annoying too sometimes? If I want to take off my earbuds, I accidently touch the area and it starts playing. If I want to listen from a different device, It will take extra minutes in pairing.

Why so much complexity? Why not just plug in and keep going as long as your phone’s battery dies.

Earbuds pop off from my ears and get lost. Have you lost your buds? At least a wire keeps them in one place.

Neck bands are good but still Bluetooth sucks.

Have you used a wireless keyboard or mouse? Again wireless denotes limited use.

And sometimes we get to see some foolishness.

Apple magic mouse 2: unusable while charging — Wikipedia.

Wireless keyboards and mouse shows delayed input or interference when compared to wired ones and they can not be used for as long as you want with the same efficiency.