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Why every creator should keep paper notebooks

Whether you’re an artist, programmer, designer, or content creator, you should keep a plain paper notebook for yourself.

Why? I can take my phone out, open the notes app and write down. Isn’t that much too simple ?

Digital notebooks have their own benefits, and we know about them already, but why paper notebooks?

Let’s find out!

Paper is aesthetically pleasing

If you see a blank screen in your notes app and you look at the blank white paper in your notebook, which one invites you more to write ideas on it?

I’ll go for paper.

You can feel the roughness of paper with your hand, and after writing your ideas and notes on it, you can feel the groove that your pencil made. It’s refreshing, right?

It all seems too much, but that’s how writing and drawing on paper attract you.

You remember things better

Whatever you type with your fingers on the screen is futile, and you can’t retain the information you have typed.

This has been demonstrated by several studies that show taking notes by hand helps you to remember things better than typing on a screen or keyboard.

Your brain will be more focused on the content if you use paper and a pen.

Less eye strain

Everyone knows that the screen harms the eyes much more than paper.

The screen emits blue light, which is harmful to the eyes. Paper does nothing like that.

Save your breathtaking eyes and use notebooks.

You’re free to do anything

You can write, draw flowcharts, or doodle anything you want in your physical notebooks at any time.

Most free note-taking apps have limited features.

There are extensively versatile apps for taking notes, like GoodNotes and Notability, for iPad users. which are quite good, but you have to pay for good features. All the while, using paper notebooks saves extra screen touches and money.

It feels like you’re serious about your work

Yes, having a separate notebook for your ideas and thoughts makes you feel cool as well as serious about your work.

Rather than staring at the screen, you are more likely to return to old ideas written in your notebook to get inspiration for the next ones.

Take a look at some good notebooks or idea-journals from famous designers.

Get yourself a notebook and jot down your ideas, views, and plans.

They exist because they’re worth it.

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