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Newsletter #001 : Few newsletters, medical books and a blog post!

Few newsletters, medical books and a blog post!

This blog post is archive of my newsletter series.

Newsletter Release Date : Thu, 13 May 2021

Here is what you need to check today

1. List of few newsletters you must subscribe and they are full of creativity and productive talks here you go : 30 helpful newsletter for creators by Josh Spector.

Tip : Here is an advice for you if you’re going to subscribe these newsletters;
Make an separate email account for subscribing such newsletters. It will be very helpful
rather than searching for newsletters in your general mailbox

2. For medical students, I found a great website and collection of books here : At a glance series of books where you will get related medical books which are way too short and concise.

A book about pharmacology named Medical pharmacology at a glance is a 130 page long and contains each chapter within 2 pages and best schematic diagrams. That means you can cover pharmacology within one or two months.

3. Read this blog post about how and why to make a blog. This can change your way you see blogging, I also shared one blog article about blogging. Ask me to mail it here.

I want you to keep your creativity and productivity up and make sure you do something ?

Stay safe and stay at home ?

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