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Newsletter #002 : Started a blog, applied for researcher, movies, animes and more!

Newsletter #002 : Started a blog, applied for researcher, movies, animes and more!

This blog post is archive of my newsletter series.

Newsletter Release Date : Mon, 24 May 2021

This week was a bit productive

Main Work of the week : Started a Blog ( A real one )

In the second last week of may I did few productive things and I was overwhelmed with my Pinterest growth.

Here is the list of few good things happened in this week :

I started a blog :

After getting lots of inspirations from various articles and blogs, I finally purchased a domain and my friend help me in hosting. I am now setting up this blog and writing blog posts in draft. I will share it with you in my next newsletter. Stay tuned.

My Pinterest monthly views reached 1million+

After some 1000+ pins and 50+ story pins my Pinterest account seems getting good riches. I have learned few things about it that story pins are the secret of your growth in Pinterest.

I applied to become a researcher in AskWonder

It was a 3 stage application form where you have to give proof of your writing and research skills. I have submitted the application form and I will wait till 3-5 business days to see response from that side. If i got lucky, I will get paid for doing researches around 8-18$ per hour. Who doesn’t like money. Wish me luck!

Deactivated Facebook

After long time of use (barely), I deactivated my facebook account, well you know it sucks. Facebook is not the place where you want to show yourself. Feeling good now.

Blog post of the week

Creating a fun fast sustainable website by Mads Stoumann

Movie watched

Twin peaks fire walks with me : good for watching alone at night πŸ˜‰

Anime watching right now

My hero academia (MHA)

End of the lecture!

Stay tuned because more valuable newsletters are coming πŸ™‚

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