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I’m searching for the spider to bite me!

Hey fellas!

Ever since I got bit by the spider…! Ah, I wish I could have said that but haven’t found any spider like that.

Hi my name is Ankit Upadhyay and you can learn more about me on this page

Anyways after watching Spiderman : No way home, I’m felt like getting back to my old days to adore the spidy and started to make stuff like doodles of various spiders and spider suits

Keep remember that I believe in Tobey’s supremacy. Although spiders shapes and suits are always amazing to me.

Okay let’s see those doodles eh!

Fat ass spidy

This might be offensive for the spider itself moreover that could make it angry and you know what that’s what I want, so that it will come and bite me.

That’s the doodle of fat ass spidy.

Fat ass spidy : Edition One

Now I wanted to give some amount of respect to our fat spidy so affixed it on my wallpaper like this.

Then I remembered that I’m not a fan of light theme wallpapers and being a coder, it becomes my moral duty to love dark themes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Hence I decided to make a second version of this spider, A dark one!

Did some background changes and doodled legs again with white and got this.

The former fat spidy : edition two

Now time to pay respect in my way.

Paying respect to the second edition of fat spidy

Spider suit of this version

Even after paying respect, I was lil bit afraid of offending the spider.

An Idea of offended eyes of spiderman came to my rotten brain and I drew those two big eyes and eventually a fat as…oops! a spiderman suit actually.

Here is the suit inspired from black and golden one from Spiderman NWH.

Spiderman NWH golden black suit
Here is the suit I doodled for that spider

and I shared all of them to my Instagram story.

I will make few more and add these all here and if you need to these doodles to make your wallpaper you can do it by downloading them here.

Hope you liked it, Thanks for reading ❣